State of the…

State of The Union, 125th Street.

So things have changed, here in the States and around the world, since I last updated. In general I don’t think it’s smart to discuss politics online – it’s a waste of time and energy, and depending on how things go in the coming months it might get one in trouble. However, I’ll note that the Democratic party massively screwed up the 2016 elections by deliberately alienating and disenfranchising their base. If they don’t own up to their part in last year’s fiasco of an election, publicly censure some ex-DNC members for illegality and wrongdoing during the primaries, and get back to their progressive roots, then they are FINISHED. DONE. KAPUT. And all the hysterical Boomer-era screeching of “OMG RUSSIA!!!” will NOT save them.

(Maybe something’s actually happening with Russia; maybe it’s just more propaganda, noise and obfuscation. I’m more concerned with things happening closer to home, that I can actually exert some influence over.)

Pour One Out for East Harlem.

As empires rise and fall, life goes on. My final bookkeeping class starts in April; I received a transcript of my grades so far in the course, and I’m officially an A student! Hurrah!!! I passed the 2-year mark at my job – in a month or so our offices should be moving down to 59th Street, a few miles and a universe away from East Harlem. This’ll shorten my commute time by an hour, possibly more, which means I can get more sleep and stay out a bit later at night.

World Spray.

Photography continues to be in abeyance, although I recently picked up fresh batteries for both my Nikon N2000 and my Minolta SRT-100. I’d like to invest in a DSLR at some point, but keeping it analog is where I’m at for now. No new band shots, although I did attend the Party to Protect Your Parts at Saint Vitus earlier this month, and next week Electric Citizen arrives in NYC, opening for The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (I shit you not!). I’ve got some vacation time coming up, which I’ll probably use to do a little traveling just out of NYC, cameras (& film!) in tow. Later this year I hope to go back to the UK, catch up with some good friends and see how things have changed since my last visit. (Though depending on how things go, I might leave my phone at home – or go back to my old Nokia! Smartphones are such a distraction, anyway…)

Gap Ahead.

There’s a lot going on these days, much of it deliberately meant to depress and bewilder people, to stop them from getting together despite their differences and making changes for the better. Don’t get sucked in; stay focused, stay calm, and keep on keeping on.